Account and GitLab migration

Started 12 May at 02:06pm AEST, resolved .

License Manager

The rollout of the new License Manager is now complete.

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We've completed the majority of the code changes required for the License Manager and expect to deploy the new version tomorrow. These changes will unblock most users in accessing GitLab source code and adding users to their organisations, though we expect there to be some additional follow-up work later in the week.

In addition, this deployment will resolve the console access email issues.

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All remaining accounts and organisations have been migrated to Redpoint ID. We're now in the process of updating the License Manager to use Redpoint ID for authentication, and to grant source code access on instead. We expect this process to take a few days, after which we'll do a final pass of account migration before deploying the new version.

Posted 12 May at 05:33pm AEST.

We're currently manually migrating accounts that hit edge cases during the migration (for example, where the old user ID on the License Manager conflicts with an ID already allocated on the Identity Server).

Posted 12 May at 03:31pm AEST.

We are currently in the process of migrating accounts and GitLab (source code) projects to a new system. During this time, you may be unable to:

• Manage existing members or invite new members to your organisation
• Link your account
• Access source code on if you haven't already been granted access

Please note that during this time we are not able to manually grant access to source code repositories or modify organisation membership.

Posted 12 May at 02:06pm AEST.